So I finished the tail and combined it with the bust. It’s a lot bigger than I expected, which is a good thing. Can’t wait to have this thing staring my down while I sleep <3

The tail was difficult to make the farther down it you got because the parts get smaller and smaller. Both the physical pain and difficulty go up tremendously as you get to the last one. And making sure that the connections between all the sections are correct is IMPORTANT, which I messed up twice and had to disassemble, fix, and reassemble. THANKFULLY it was the biggest section so it was easier to fix. They punish you big time for making mistakes though, either with having to live with it because you can’t disassemble it, breaking a piece accidentally while disassembling it, or massive amounts of pain. IT’S WORTH IT THOUGH. I LOVE THIS THING.

Shadow is 2qt.

Also sorry for the poor quality pictures, I don’t have a good camera anywhere ;w;

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